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Upcoming Events:


No school on Monday, May 30, because of Memorial Day.

Biography reports are due on Tuesday, May 31.

E-mail your report to school:

 Mrs. Clark        Mrs. McGaffin         Mrs. Smart-Jackson

Please also bring your blank poster board on Tuesday, as we will be assembling posters at school.

Investigations Online Resources  Our username is skillin. Our password is 4thgrade. Once logged in, you can access the Student Handbook by clicking on the yellow book like the one below. There are also games and digital manipulatives in the student resources section. Currently, we do not use the online testing section.


Practice your spelling words at Spelling City
Click on "Find a List"
Type in "Mrs Clark" (No period after Mrs)
Choose the one from Skillin.

You can hear the words, play games, and get tested on your words. Once you have logged in once, the next time you visit the site, you won't have to go through all the steps. It will give you the option to go to "recently visited pages".








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